Argentina Hunting


Argentina FishingHunts in Argentina are provided by my friend Tommy Wenckheim, with whom I hunted several years ago in southern Patagonia. All hunters arrive through Buenos Aires and then on to several different areas, depending on the hunt and time of season. Hunts are usually morning and afternoon, with a lunch break for an Argentine lunch and siesta. Lodging and all meals are included.

DOVE & PIGEON- Eared doves and Spotted and Blue pigeons abound in rich agricultural areas and it is common to expend 1000 rounds in a day's hunt.

DUCKS- The high volume of ducks is hard to imagine. Species include Brown & White Cheek pintails, Fulvous & White face tree ducks, Rosy Bill Pochard, Chilean Widgeon, Red Shoveler, and Cinamon, Silver, Speckeled, Blach head, and Brazilian teal. It is not uncommon to average 100 ducks per day.

GEESE- Goose species hunted are Magellan and Ashey Heads. Geese are about as numerous as ducks and you can count on hot barrel hunts

Cost of Hunts: Hunts can run from $650 - $900 per day per person, depending on the type hunt.

Not Included: Air transportation necessary to get to and from hunting area, ground transportation, personal, shells, gun import fee, laundry, or liquor.

If you are interested in any of these hunts, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know where your interests lie.

Argentina Duck Hunting